Thailand’s Leading beverage
company who has played a major
role in driving the Ready to
Drink Tea market from
900 million to 1.5 billion baht
Ichitan Group Public Company Limited
ICHITAN Group Public Company Limited incorporated the company on September 3, 2010 As at December 31, 2015, the company has registered capital of Baht 1,300 million and a paid up capital of 1,300 million baht into ordinary shares of 1,300 million shares valued at. par Baht 1.00 per share, the company is engaged in the production and distribution of Ready-to-drink Greentea
"ICHITAN green tea"
Herbal drink
"Yen Yen by ICHITAN"
Greentea with Chewy-cube of coconut
"ICHITAN Chew Chew"
and Fruit juices, jellies
“Bireley’s by Ichitan”
for the company's marketing strategy, product positioning as a high quality. Starting from the selection of raw materials, as well as methods of meticulous production and packaging are safe. Health and consumer tastes are still very natural.
The company's
Beverages under development ICHITAN Group produced by a team of experienced research and development expertise to meet the trend of drinking quality. It covers a wide range of consumers Since the selection of tea, organic decidedly good-quality hand-select only the top leaves of the tea to maintain a soft texture. Became "ICHITAN Green Tea" popular tea beverage in Thailand. Also herbal drink YENYEN by ICHITAN the most famous Herbal tea drink in Thailand "Chew Chew tea mix with chewy-cube coconut" experience refreshing chewing. "Bireley’s" non-carbonated juice. Refreshing as an unforgettable legend. Under the Advanced Packaging Produced by Technology "Cold Aseptic filling" that would naturally nutrient value of the drink than 5 times the original system is environmentally friendly by reducing the use of plastic by 36%, reduce the degradation of nature