Thailand’s Leading beverage
company who has played a major
role in driving the Ready to
Drink Tea market from
900 million to 1.5 billion baht
from Chairman
Dear Shareholders,
Being a beverage company in Thailand means the opportunity to build a sustainable business from consumer products because beverages are essential in the daily life of everyone. At the same time, it means intense competition, however, high intense it will return highest profitable to the consumer but for ICHITAN result
from competition, it is the “Development”
In the year 2016, it was a challenging year for the Ichitan Group Public Company Limited, as our operating results did not reach the target as we had estimated, and I accepted that we still do not do it well but we will keep trying work hard further. As overlook the existing economic situation that is slowing down together with the great loss of Thailand, which the competition situation and market direction that lead ICHITAN to enter into another organization development plan.

From now on the main policy of ICHITAN will focus on product development, innovative to make a difference and has a clear selling point. At present, there is products segment that developed completely which are waiting for the right time to launch to the consumer in Thailand and it may generate revenue without having to fight in the price war in the market. At the same time, ICHITAN has strengthened the sales team one more time to increase its potential for generating revenue in traditional trade channel and new distribution channel, as well as distribution planning in the AEC countries (ASEAN Economic Community), has succeeded and satisfactory.

In the year 2017, our new product segments not only continually launch into the domestic market but also the consumer will find a wide variety of beverages from ICHITAN in the international market.

“Ichitan Green Factory” is a modern, sterile cold drink manufacturing factory, environmentally friendly and world class standard manufacturing factory, which will be another important force to generate additional income from the OEM beverages services (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Besides, existing Ichitan’s product line, shareholders will see our beverage product in various brands that will launch in the year 2017 as well. I, and ICHITAN’s staffs may ask our shareholders to trust and believe in our development model together with be part of the sustainable growth of the ICHITAN Group in the future.
Ichitan Group Public Company Limited (the Company) started out as a functional drinking "ICHITAN double drink" and sold green tea drinking "ICHITAN Green Tea" for the first in May 2011 with three flavors by commissioning external suppliers. Later, the construction of a "ICHITAN Green Factory" has one production line and one bottle production line box. The Rojana Industrial Park E. Ayutthaya. ICHITAN Green Factory production testing began in September 2011 when a flood happens, 2011, resulting in the production line is damaged. With the efforts of all staff ICHITAN Green Factory can restore, repair and re-wiring production again within a period of only 111 days, and from production to distribution completely on April 4, 2012 today. production rose 6 bottle production lines and two production lines box type. And adding a seventh production line, which makes the bottle a quarter 4/2017 ICHITAN Green Factory has a production capacity of 1400 bottles million and 200 million boxes per year. The production technology Aseptic cold filling. Open wide the doors for endless beverage production almost any type, whether it's coffee, tea, milk, juices, energy drinks, etc. to meet the needs of consumers effectively