Thailand’s Leading beverage
company who has played a major
role in driving the Ready to
Drink Tea market from
900 million to 1.5 billion baht
from Chairman
Dear Shareholders,
In year 2017, Ichitan Group Public Company Limited had a plan and strategy to increase its potential competitiveness in the beverage industry together with emphasis on all aspects of corporate development which is based on sustainable business practices. Moreover, the Company was expanding market share under the trademark of "ICHITAN" through international market for more its robust, that had succeeded in this year as well.
And, the said strategy had been operated in accordance with the policy of the Company that emphasizes on innovation and product development for differentiate, strongest selling point, increase market share and satisfy all target groups of consumers.

In the year 2017, the Company had adjusted its strategy to focus on exporting to the CLMV region, which resulted in export sales volume had grown 27 % as well as the Company had earned the total revenue of 5,719 million Baht and the net profit of 315.1 million Baht. Moreover, ICHITAN in Indonesia had emphasized on marketing activities and launching new products which was likely to be good tendency due to pick up 2 awards at the MARKETING AWARD 2017 which were for “the Best Marketing Campaign” and “Marketing Excellence” of the Year in Food & Beverage Industry in Indonesia. This year, the Company had launched new product which was "T247” a hybrid energy drink that launched with 2 formulas -“Ginseng with Honey” and “Collagen with Zinc”, in a 280 ml PET bottle packaging which is priced at 15 baht per bottle, to diversify the Company’s mainstay “ready-to-drink green tea” based product for covering a wider range of consumers and the said energy drink product had operated under the Subsidiary company. In addition, the Company also had planned to produce healthy drink to be another choice for consumer such as "Sugar-Free" product while as products were formulated with sugar those would be adjusted to a lower sugar in all flavor, including with plan to launch the said product at the beginning of next year. Besides, " ICHITAN Chew Chew" was fruit tea with Nata de coco , was also high growth as well as herbal drink "Yen Yen by ICHITAN” was also the main product for herbal drinks target market.

The Board of Directors gave great importance on good corporate governance together with operates the business on the basis of sustainability, taking into account of all stakeholders. In the year 2017, the Company was rated at “Excellent level” from Corporate Governance Report of Thai Listed Companies(CGR) by Thai Institute of Directors Association(IOD), and also was rated at “Excellent level” from the quality assessment of the 2017 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) by Thai Investors Association. In regard to operating business based on sustainable in line with Green industrial policy which was strategic government policy, the Company had received two awards which were “Green Industry Level 4 Award” and “Honor award for Greenhouse Gas Reduction”, including with emphasize to develop “ICHITAN Green Factory” to be an environmental prototype factory that had installed Solar Roof to generate clean energy along with the Company’s concept was reduced, replaced, treatment and energy recovery. The Company had already applied to join Thailand's Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption: CAC.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and management team of the Company, I would like to express my sincere thank you to customers, suppliers, business partners, shareholders, employees and all involved stakeholders that were major force in creating success and please confident in development process of the Company and take part in the sustainable growth of “Ichitan Group” in the future.
Ichitan Group Public Company Limited (the Company) started out as a functional drinking "ICHITAN double drink" and sold green tea drinking "ICHITAN Green Tea" for the first in May 2011 with three flavors by commissioning external suppliers. Later, the construction of a "ICHITAN Green Factory" has one production line and one bottle production line box. The Rojana Industrial Park E. Ayutthaya. ICHITAN Green Factory production testing began in September 2011 when a flood happens, 2011, resulting in the production line is damaged. With the efforts of all staff ICHITAN Green Factory can restore, repair and re-wiring production again within a period of only 111 days, and from production to distribution completely on April 4, 2012 today. production rose 6 bottle production lines and two production lines box type. And adding a seventh production line, which makes the bottle a quarter 4/2017 ICHITAN Green Factory has a production capacity of 1400 bottles million and 200 million boxes per year. The production technology Aseptic cold filling. Open wide the doors for endless beverage production almost any type, whether it's coffee, tea, milk, juices, energy drinks, etc. to meet the needs of consumers effectively